Business Valuation Made Easy
for Small & Medium Businesses

Simplify SMEs Financial and Planning Process through Industry Benchmark and A.I. Advisory
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Instant Valuation Report

Communicate a Company's Value in a Professional and Objective Manner

Digital Assets Worth

Value Digital Establishment Beyond Financial Data using Cost-Based Approach

Industry Benchmark & Advisory

Identify Areas of Improvement, Grow Company's Worth

Business Strategic Planning

Structured Tools to Build Business Plan and Forecast, Support Capital Raising

Objective Estimation of the Value of a Business

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A successful small business sale begins with a solid grasp of business valuation. On top of the commonly used valuation methods like discounted cash flow, earnings multiplier etc, we also value the company's online presence and industry growth potential. We aim to shorten the sale process by ensuring that your business is priced to move in the current market.

Practical Business Valuation Tools for
Entrepreneurs and Investors

  • 1

    Sneak Peek Valuation

    You can get high level estimation of the value of a business within a minute through our business valuation calculator without login

  • 2

    Valuation Dashboard

    Assist you to analysis more information of a company, access to a more detail valuation in a dashboard by signing up an free or premium investplify account

  • 3

    Business Valuation Report

    Enable you to communicate your value in a professional manner, arm you with relevant information before making any investment or divestment decisions

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Simplify investment or divestment decisions

Business Valuation Platform

Instant valuation based on recognized valuation methods adjusted to industry & geographic variables, all within a few clicks!

Business Plan Builder

Our business plan builder enable investors to understand your business growth opportunities and the aspiration of the company future

Business for Sale Marketplace

Provide seamless experience by partnering with well-known business marketplaces, gather latest market transactions to improve our algorithms overtime.