We empower SMEs to grow their company worth

Our mission is to simplify the financial planning process using technology. Our platform uses artificial intelligent powered algorithm which collect and analyse millions of data points, benchmark industry-relevant companies and compute the SME’s valuation. With the customer engagement changing more and more to digital, we also provide digital assets valuation of a company based on their online presence using cost approach. We not only enable data-driven decisions but also provide tool that enable SMEs to easily build their strategy, projects financial outcome and steer the company in the right direction.

With the benchmark analysis and valuation, we empower SMEs business owners or executive managers to measure and identify ways to grow the business's worth, speed up and support in capital raising and shorten the M&A or exit process by ensuring business is priced to move in the current market

Track & Grow Company Worth

We assist SME owners to have a in-depth idea of what their business is worth, based on their financial result, industry benchmark, business plan and company online visibility.

Support Capital Raising

Financial institutions consider to finance your business, we help SMEs to show what the value is as a whole, what its asset withholdings are, how it has grown, and how is the future projection look like.

M&A or Exit Planning

No matter if you are aiming to leverage M&A or plan your company exit, we enable business buyers and sellers to make data-driven decisions.